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 pump 1010RU

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PostSubject: pump 1010RU   pump 1010RU EmptySat Mar 10, 2012 9:28 pm

Hey guys just joined your forum I have a 1965 Jhon Deere 1010 RU it has been totaley restored ? i have do you guys have any trouble with your pump my does fine until it warms up just seems slow picking up 6 foot disk or plows i use Hyguard dont no much about this pump is there a ajustment for moer pressure asl has powering steering any help would be great thats the only problem i see with this tractor is the weak Hydrolics Also glad to be part of the 1010 family Thanks guys
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JD 1010 RU
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PostSubject: Re: pump 1010RU   pump 1010RU EmptySat Mar 10, 2012 11:02 pm

Hey dcpky welcome to the forum were glad to have ya Very Happy

My 1010 does not have power steering so all my pump runs is the Arms in the back, I did a quick check and did not find any way to adjust the pump. Does this happen all the time since it was restored or is it something new that just started happening?

I don’t think it would be your problem but when you restored your tractor what pump did you use? Because from 1960-1963 the 1010 had Low presser hydraulics and starting at serial# 42,001 and up they started using High Presser hydraulics.

below are a few pics of the pump on my 1010

pump 1010RU 14sleep
pump 1010RU Nc17hx

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pump 1010RU
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