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 Appreciation for the site

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PostSubject: Appreciation for the site   Sun Oct 21, 2012 12:28 am

As all of us have found out, info on the 1010 is not the easiest to find and sometimes pretty sketchy. This site is a budding collection of resources and info. We still have a long way to go but at least there is a start. I am very appreciative JD 1010 RU has taken the time and effort to bring us all together.

This appreciation has really grown in the last couple of weeks as I have actually been looking into getting a 2010. The 1010 is really my son's and it holds a special place in my heart to know my son has his great grandfather's tractor, bought new the same year my wife was born. My wife was also the last to "ride" it off the farm when we brought it home. She steered while I towed it up on the trailer.

I'm looking for a 2010 for the small plot of land we are buying and to round out the collection. My son's FIL has a 3010, 4010, and 5010. So if I can find a running 2010 to take care of the work, I can fix it up along the way.

The idea is to have all five 10 series tractors in some sort of "show" condition and take them to tractor shows and parades.

With this line of thinking I have been trying to dredge up any info on the 2010 I can find. First you have to dig through all the 2010 model year tractors that pop up in a search. Then you find there is just not anything out there. I have found, like the 1010, it didn't/doesn't have a good reputation with it being hit or miss as to reliability. Of course by now any running 2010, like the 1010, is probably one of the good ones. The 2010 had the one-piece sleeve deck, a poor piece of engineering as far as repairs go.

There is the stepchild 2510 that will have to be dealt with at some time...maybe my younger son....hummmmm. (The 2510 was a 2020 engine in a 3010 tranny/chassis)

So a tip of the hat to JD 1010 RU and everyone else that is contributing questions and solutions.

1964 1010 RUS
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JD 1010 RU
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PostSubject: Re: Appreciation for the site   Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:20 pm

Very Happy Thanks for the shout out but I couldn’t have done this without you guys, I try to post whatever info I find in my search or hands on experience and more than happy to share it with everybody Very Happy Thumbs up

I never really researched the 2010 but if I come across any info ill post it in a thread, if you want I’ll be more than happy to create a 2010 section for you if you want.

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1964 John Deere 1010 Row-Crop Utility
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Appreciation for the site
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