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 Fuel Gauge

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PostSubject: Fuel Gauge   Fuel Gauge EmptyFri Jun 12, 2015 10:20 am

So I got tired of using a stick to check my fuel level. My 1010 Special was never equipped with a gas gauge and, if I was going to add one, I wanted one that would look like an original gauge. My 1010 is now negative ground so I couldn’t use an original positive ground gauge (if I could even find one) and I know that the ohm rating of the sender has to match the gauge. After some research I found that the later 4020 fuel gauges were negative ground and looked like the original gauge, mounting the same way from underneath the dash. I bought a new late model 4020 gauge and sender on eBay for less than 100 bucks. I had an old sender from a 1010 and I compared it with the new 4020 sender and the new sender’s top matched the old one exactly. It only would sit about an inch deeper in the tank so with some adjustment to the float it could be used as it came. But because I had the old 1010 sender, I decided to swap the sender unit from the new sender and used the old float for a pattern to modify the new one just shorting it some. I used the new gasket, adjusted the float so it would read accurately and put it all together. It works great! I threw away my stick.
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Fuel Gauge
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