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 Richard from VA

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JD 1010 RU
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Richard from VA Empty
PostSubject: Richard from VA   Richard from VA EmptyTue Mar 22, 2011 8:07 pm

Well my Name is Richard from Virginia, I enjoy Xbox 360 gaming and the 1010 series tractors.
I’m currently restoring my late grandfather’s 1964 1010 Row crop utility tractor which is going very smoothly Despite a few hiccups . Very Happy

I would like to thank everybody who joins my forum and i hope to have this place up to date with all the info we can share about the John Deere 1010.

I got inspired to make this place because when I first started researching my tractor I found very little info about them on the internet, and over the last few days I’ve been helping a few people on YouTube so I figured I would create a forum to share all my info to the world.

Thank you

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1964 John Deere 1010 Row-Crop Utility
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Richard from VA Empty
PostSubject: Thank you for your invitation   Richard from VA EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 3:44 am

I have been working on my 1010 for about 8 months and have learned a few thing's while doing it. I have redone the front Ball joints and have learned that all 1010 outer tie rods are Part number AT13972. there are three different Part Numbers for the inner tie rods for serial number 0 thru 031004 the correct Part number is AM496T serial number tractors 031005 thru 042000 is AT15931 and for tractor's serial number 042001 and up is AT13971. There is a company called A&I agricultural and industrial that have a lot of the Parts for our Tractor's. If you go thru a dealer make sure to get there A&I Price this has saved Hundreds of Dollars for Me and I hope other's get the same saving's. If you want a Hood ornament I have gone thru three company's all with lower Prices but ended up spending a few dollars more and finally got one from John Deere. Every Part will have different breaks in the serial numbers so these serial numbers for the Tie Rods. they are all listed as Ball joints thru john Deere and they got the Tie rods from A&I. I have enjoyed your Video's and did learn from them. I have sent this Information to you and hope your site is a great success. I will be glad to answer any question that I can.
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Richard from VA
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