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 1963 1010 rs-father-in laws tractor

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1963 1010 rs-father-in laws tractor Empty
PostSubject: 1963 1010 rs-father-in laws tractor   1963 1010 rs-father-in laws tractor EmptyTue Oct 11, 2011 11:09 am

hello from central kentucky. my name is doug and i collect dubuque row crop john deere tractors, mostly 2-cylinders. the 2-cylinder tractors i have are-430T, 420-S, and 2 MT's. my most recent purchase is my father-in-laws tractor, a 1010 RS, which he bought in about 1965. it had sat in a barn for about 5 to 6 years without being started. before i bought it i had to repair the starter so i could check the compression- it had 125 lb on each cylinder. it was setting on 4 flat tires, the rear 2 which had fluid in them. as you might guess they were eat-up with rust. i put air in the tires and was suprised they stayed up long enough to load. the next day i drained out 10 gallons of rancid gas and checked out the distributor. with new gas it started very easily. the last 2 years i have been in the process of restoring it. i bought several new parts, including a grill, steering wheel center cap, and side name plates. i was able to find 1 used power-adjust rear rim and repaired the other. i have recently given it a new paint job, while not professsional, looks pretty good. it will be a handy little tractor to use around the place and it means a lot to me that it was my father-in-laws and he loved it so much.
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1963 1010 rs-father-in laws tractor
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