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 John Deere Tractor Books

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PostSubject: John Deere Tractor Books   Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:21 pm

Here's a few books that I enjoyed.

The Bigger Book of John Deere Tractors, Don MacMillian ISBN 978-0-7603-3653-3
-A coffee-table book with basic but good information and good photos.

The Field Guide to John Deere Tractors, Don MacMillian ISBN0-89658-514-x
-A condensed version of the Bigger Book but does have some other information and specs. I keep this in my truck when I travel as a reference when I come across a tractor.

The Art of the John Deere Tractor, Lee Klancher, ISBN 978-0760339497
-Beautiful photography of a private collection fo John Deere Tractors, some rare. Unbelievable.

John Deere New Generation Tractors, Peterson and Beemer, ISBN 978-0760304273
-Similar to the MacMillian books

The John Deere Way, David Magee ISBN 0-471-70644-2
-The history and inside story of John Deere. Pretty interesting stuff. The John Deere Way was borrowed from a John Deere dealer.

I bought the first four off Amazon used. All were in plenty good shape for the price I paid.

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PostSubject: Re: John Deere Tractor Books   Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:30 pm

I have one called “John Deere New Generation and Generation 2 Tractors” By John Dietz and it’s a great book for people looking about the Design history for the New generation tractors.

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John Deere Tractor Books
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